True North

Ever heard the phrase “true north?” I hadn’t, not until a recent fascination with compasses had me hanging out on the internet. True north is a direction based on the earth’s axis, not one based on a magnetic reading from a compass. Knowing true north is absolutely necessary for navigation, because magnetic north can (and does) shift.

But the phrase is also used as a metaphor. Metaphorically speaking, true north is the true path of your journey, where you go, and who you become on the way there. It can also refer to the person who helps guide you there, whether it’s a mentor, a lover, a friend, or God.

As I mentioned, I’ve developed a fascination with compasses and how they relate to journeys. Most of what I write is “weird,” also known as speculative fiction. It can include fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk, or anything that doesn’t fit in a neat box. My weird stories are about people on journeys, whether or not they ever take a single step. These gutsy characters learn their purpose in life and the courage it takes to get there. And my blog posts are about things I’ve learned on my own personal path, and how I’m becoming the person God intends me to be. So get comfortable, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and visit awhile.