Back to School Giveaway!

The weather will be turning cold soon (if it hasn’t already where you are). Cold weather always makes me want to cuddle up with a fuzzy throw, my hot beverage of choice, and a great book.  I can’t think of anything I like more than great books (except for maybe dark chocolate — just sayin’.) So, I’m excited to share this giveaway with you. And it’s really easy to enter!

The Back to School Book Giveaway runs from Sept 26 – October 15 and has FIVE winners! Each winner will receive 10 YA fantasy  novels each — Spark will be in one of those bundles.  Click the Rafflecopter link below, and then follow the link to sign up for my newsletter, True North Tales (I’m number 38 on the list.) That’s it!

If you want more chances to win you can Like some other authors on Facebook or sign up for their newsletters, as well.  Good luck!

Enter here!



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